Tandem flights on Lake Iseo

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What is a paraglider?

A paraglider is a non-rigid free-flight aircraft that evolved from steerable parachutes. Without an engine, the paraglider glides through the air, but by taking advantage of the (thermoconvective) motion of the air, it can also climb and move around. Today experienced pilots can accomplish distance flights of hundreds of kilometers. The tandem paraglider, on the other hand, allows tandem pilots get passengers without any training airborne. A small briefing is enough to make let the passenger consciously participate in takeoff and landing maneuvers.

Who can get you airborne?

In Italy, only pilots who hold the VDS (Volo da diporto o sportivo = Recreational or Sport Flying) rating for tandem paragliding! I hold the VDS rating…

…since 1994 for paragliding

…since 1995 for tandem paragliding

…since 2010 for multi-axis UL-aircrafts

How should you prepare?

No special preparation is needed, but the following is recommended:

  • Sports shoes or hiking boots WITHOUT hooks
  • Sunglasses (as “windshield” )
  • Comfortable/sporty clothing (a flying suit is provided)
  • GoPro photo/video cameras with safety lanyard only
  • Before flying, it is best to eat light meals only
where we fly

I attend various flying sites, but for one of the most beautiful flights, takeoff is from the “Forcella di Sale” in Sale Marasino (BS) with the beautiful panorama of Lake Iseo in the background

meeting point

At Sale Marasino (BS), exact location to be agreed upon depending on weather conditions, in order to drive up to “Forcella di Sale” with 4WD vehicles


The fee for a “tandem paragliding flight” excursion, which includes transportation to takeoff by 4WD vehicles, provision of suitable clothing (flight suit and helmet), equipment and actioncam (GoPro) is 140.00€ per person


Normally the flight lasts 15-20 minutes, the optimal duration for a FIRST paragliding flight


The agreed date/time for the flight is subject to confirmation 1-2 days in advance depending on weather conditions

gift vouchers

For birthdays/graduations etc., named gift vouchers can be issued, which are made out in the name of the passenger and provided with a QR code to check their validity; payment by bank transfer or PayPal


Want to fly together with a group of friends? No problem, in our club we work as a team and can make flights of 3-4 people at the same time!


The movieclip is complimentary with the flight and is delivered as follows:

1. Immediate copy to smartphone*
2. download from server
3. hand-over of MicroSD

*we have adapters for iPhone lightning, USB-C/micro-USB (Samsung/Huawei…)


…what are you waiting for?

Just WhatsApp me to organize your Tandemflight or for any kind of information

write WhatsApp
gift idea

Buy online: gift voucher

To be received customized by e-mail within 24/48 hours

The fee for the «tandem paragliding flight» excursion is 140.00€ per person and includes

  1. transportation to take-off by 4WD vehicles
  2. provision of suitable clothing (flight suit and helmet)
  3. provision of equipment and action cam (GoPro)

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