Paragliding in Morocco

16 January 2021

In late autumn, when in Europe even the last thermals have dried up, in the south of the Mediterranean people start flying. Soaring over the sea, at a few meters from fishermen’s caves, or challenging yourself by turning «land-mine» thermals over the Atlas – there is something for everyone: ground-handling, boaring-soaring, acro, cross…


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  • 19 August 2022

    It was in 1989 in Nosy Be (Madagascar) that I did my first dive, but due to my student budget and the fact that I lived in Germany there was no immediate follow-up. I only resumed diving 20 years after this first experience, but then on a regular basis, making numerous diving trips and cruises […]

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  • 2 April 2021

    It was March/April 2021. We were all under house arrest. Many of us innocent. Why? It had been deemed appropriate to ensure social distancing by locking everyone in a cage. Scientifically certainly sound, but of socially questionable. Certainly much suffered by some, less so by others. Many of us practiced heavy alcohol abuse with their […]

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