Scuba diving

19 August 2022

It was in 1989 in Nosy Be (Madagascar) that I did my first dive, but due to my student budget and the fact that I lived in Germany there was no immediate follow-up. I only resumed diving 20 years after this first experience, but then on a regular basis, making numerous diving trips and cruises and developing an interest in underwater photography. Instead, in 2018 I started diving for others, abandoning my camera to become a divemaster.


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  • 16 January 2021

    In late autumn, when in Europe even the last thermals have dried up, in the south of the Mediterranean people start flying. Soaring over the sea, at a few meters from fishermen’s caves, or challenging yourself by turning «land-mine» thermals over the Atlas – there is something for everyone: ground-handling, boaring-soaring, acro, cross…

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