«Il Taccuino Blu»

30 September 2009

The creation of the «Taccuino blu» («Blue Notebook») was a rather challenging adventure. In 2009, after 2 years of office-based work as a product manager for a multinational pharmaceutical company, I decided to work in an external role again – but after 2 years of desk-work I had developed a mania for the meticulous archiving of literature and the drafting of position papers and scientific summaries. A subsequent encounter with a highly qualified oncologist with a great passion for her work was decisive: together we collected, ordered, structured and analyzed scientific publications and started editing a pocket guidebook for the post-surgical systemic treatment of early-stage breast cancer (where, of course, my contribution was as a “life science manager” and not as an oncologist).

A highly structured work designed for daily use and quick reference, the “«Taccuino blu» («Blue Notebook») was divided into two parts:

A first part, of literature review and analysis, full of synoptic charts (in the PDF version with hyperlinks directly to the bibliographic source)

A second part, consisting of synoptic therapy charts, structured so that they could be quickly found and consulted according to

  • overall risk
  • hormone-responsiveness
  • HER2 receptor status
example of a synoptic therapy chart of the «Taccuino blu»

The manual was published in two consecutive editions:

1st edition: Pensiero Scientifico editore 2008, ISBN 978-88-490-0244-7

2nd edition: Pensiero Scientifico editore 2009, ISBN 978-88-490-0296-6

NOTA: this work is now scientifically obsolete, it is listed here just as an example of my modus operandi


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